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10 reasons you shouldn't hire a financial advisor

10 reasons you shouldn't hire a financial advisor

July 18, 2022

1)  You feel secure about investing your hard-earned life savings with total strangers.

2)  You prefer service from faceless representatives at 800 numbers to an investment professional.

3)  You have plenty of time to read financial journals, investments magazines, and newsletters.

4)  You believe that publications that depend on advertising revenue can render impartial and objective investment advice.

5)  You prefer being thought of as a computer entry rather than a person.

6)  You feel that companies that sell to a mass market care about you and understand your specific goals, time horizons, and tolerance for risk.

7)  You have nerves of steel and, therefore, don't see the need to talk with a professional during difficult markets.  You're certain you won't panic and sell at exactly the wrong time.

8)  You are able to study prospectuses, marketing material, television and radio show, emails and webinars, to determine which of the thousands of choices are appropriate for you in each season of life.

9)  You can time the market and make changes with laser precision.  

10)  You are not willing to pay fees for professional services.  In addition to managing your own portfolio, you also diagnose and treat your own medical problems, represent yourself in legal matters, and file your own taxes.