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Client Spotlight - Former City Councilwoman and nature advocate

Client Spotlight - Former City Councilwoman and nature advocate

January 26, 2023
For my second Client Spotlight article, I'd like to tell you about a client we have enjoyed working with for about eight years now, a former City Councilwoman, Bonnie Conner.  
When I first met Bonnie, I also had the pleasure of working with her husband of 35 years, Charlie.  After Charlie's passing, Bonnie told me that she'd never heard him say anything negative about anyone - ever!  I think that is one of the highest compliments that can be paid to someone.
All of our clients are special and unique.  One of the ways that Bonnie is unique to our clientele is that she's the only client we have who has a city park named after her - the Bonnie Conner Park at 13300 Woller in San Antonio, which was named after her in 2007 - ironically, the same year I completed the required coursework for my CFP® designation.  
Bonnie was a Southern California girl who was transplanted to San Antonio where she spent twenty-one years teaching in area school districts before beginning her efforts to preserve undeveloped land and create parks.  I say she "was" a California girl because she's so well connected in San Antonio, and has contributed so much here, that it seems she's lived here all her life.
I recently came across an article about Bonnie, written by Priscilla Aguirre, that compares Bonnie to Leslie Knope of the popular TV show Parks and Rec.  I love the show, and the comparison, but Bonnie's personality couldn't be further from Leslie Knope's.  While Leslie loves city parks as much as Bonnie does, Leslie's mishaps and hilarious mistakes are quite a contrast from the Bonnie I know - a serious, organized, and passionate lady who gets stuff done.
After learning the ropes needed to preserve natural areas in San Antonio, Bonnie decided to run for city council and was twice elected to serve District 8 as city councilwoman.  Along with Mayor Howard Peak and her fellow city council members, they successfully developed Proposition 1 and 3 which allowed for the purchase of land needing protection over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, our source of water. In total, Bonnie can be credited with helping to preserve approximately 20,000 acres in parks and almost 200,000 acres along the recharge zone. Bonnie was also instrumental in the development of Hardberger Park - a park my husband, Troy, and I have spent quite a bit of time in.  We also hike in both the Eisenhower and Friedrich parks and highly recommended all three.
It has been a privilege to partner with Bonnie on her financial plan and goals.  She's not just a client but a good friend as well.
Stay tuned for our next Client Spotlight article to be posted soon.