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Did you know?

Did you know?

November 14, 2022

According to Bloomberg, since 1942, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has declined by 5% or more, three times per year, lasting 41 days, on average.  It has dropped by 20% or more about every six years with the dip lasting approximately 407 days.  

My point is that declines are normal and a part of investing.  We have a saying in the financial services industry, "If stocks got you in to it, stocks are what's going to get you out of it."   Meaning, if the market declines, and an investor sells out of stocks to move into less volatile bonds or cash, the returns from these two investment categories will not likely make enough to recoup losses for quite some time.  

Year to date, the DOW is now down around 7%.  If the recent volatility has you concerned about your financial plan, consider calling the office for a second opinion.