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Expenses to expect when a loved one has passed

Expenses to expect when a loved one has passed

December 27, 2022

Here's a partial list of expenses to expect when someone has passed away:

honorarium for pastor, clergy, speaker - approximately $250

hotel room for musicians and/or anyone from out-of-town who participates in the service - approximately $200 each

funeral home charge for a service held somewhere other than the funeral home (for example, at a church) - approximately $5000

     includes tent set up at graveside, opening and closing of the grave, transport to funeral home, then to the service and cemetery, and the services and direction of the funeral staff

nice flowers (spray and a large arrangement for each side of coffin) - approximately $1000.  It should cost less if flowers are purchased from a local florist.

embalming - approximately $1000

sign-in book - $25 (if purchased from Hobby Lobby or a similar store)

grave marker - $1000 - $3000 (decision doesn't have to be made for awhile).  To save money, you should always buy from a third party rather than the funeral home.

program (on high quality paper, 200 copies) - approximately $100 (if printed at UPS)

large photo on foamboard (to sit next to a closed casket) - approx $50 (if printed at FastSigns)

casket - $1000 - $5000 (I have a good resource for reasonably priced caskets).  You do not have to purchase from the funeral home.  An eighteen gauge casket is more expensive than a 20 gauge.  You can choose to have them gasketed (a seal and more expensive) or nongasketed.

miscellaneous expenses:  TBD

     some cemeteries require a cement liner or vault.  You'll want to verify this and don't need to purchase one unless it's required or desired.

     charge by cemetery to set the liner (if required)

It cen feel icky to ask questions about funeral expenses.  It almost feels as though you're dishonoring your loved one.  However, there's nothing wrong with it at all.  Try to get comfortable asking anything you need to ask and save money when appropriate.  This in no way cheapens the relationship with the deceased.

Bottom line, in 2022, you can have a very nice service held at a church for about $10,000.  I am happy to discuss this and guide you if I can help in any way.