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Get your flu shot!

Get your flu shot!

December 26, 2022

Due to an unwarranted fear of shots, I used to say that I'd rather have the flu than get a flu shot.  That is, until, I got the actual flu.  The bad one!  I was in bed for ten days and it took a full three weeks to recover.  Before that, I used to wonder how anyone could ever die from the flu.  After getting it, I understood fully.  Ever since, I'm one of the first to get the vaccine.  I can't afford to be ill for three weeks and I don't ever want to have that experience again.

The flu is making its rounds.  My nephew has it and now my brother - his dad.

We'll have to see if I'm immune.  I have no idea how many people actually get it after being vaccinated.  I just know that I don't want to have regrets about not having gotten the shot.

I know that there's some controversy surrounding vaccines due to the COVID pandemic and I don't feel qualified to debate on the topic. I just know that you don't want to get the severe flu that I had.

If you haven't crossed this off of your todo list, it's not too late.  Get the shot!