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Good news!

Good news!

July 08, 2022

I recently heard someone say that good news doesn't sound smart.  This really resonated with me.  People seem to sound intelligent when quoting unsettling statistics, which is probably one of the reasons for the prevalence of bad news rather than good.

At the risk of sounding unintelligent, I have some good news.  Unemployment is only 3.6%!  

I'm not hearing about this very much and it's really, really good news.

The unemployment rate during the height of the pandemic was scary and rightfully so.  But, why aren't we sharing and celebrating the good news now?  

Along these same lines, I've noticed that some people almost seem to get upset when they're sharing all of the bad news and I hit them with something positive. 

It's important to keep proper perspective and recognize that, when talking about the economy, there's almost always something to be concerned about and there's almost always something to celebrate.  It's the whole half empty/ half full thingee.