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Markets through the decades

Markets through the decades

August 31, 2022

A brief summation of the economy and markets through the decades:

1950s:  post war industrialization, strong economic growth, stock market return of 486%

1960s:  a lengthy expansion due to rising income, household consumption, and government spending during the Vietnam War, low interest rates

1970s:  slower growth, multiple recessions, higher interest rates

1980s:  peacetime expansion, rising consumer income, stimulating fiscal policies, increase in private investment

1990s:  mild early recession then extended economic growth driven by the internet boom, investing, and the tech bubble

2000s:  pop of the tech bubble, 9-11, short recession, low rates, rising spending fueled by debt, housing bubble, financial crisis, the great recession

2010s:  recessionless decade, post financial crisis expansion, slow and steady economic growth, dramatic drop in unemployment, very low interest rates