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Season - summer!

Season - summer!

June 24, 2022

At Seasons Wealth, we plan for all of life's seasons.

As evidenced by our temperature gauges, the summer season is here.  I know that a lot of us have schedules that are disrupted during the summer.  Teachers get to enjoy their off time.  Families tend to do more travelling while kids are out of school.  The heat tends to slow things down.

When working with a financial advisor, there are a lot of tasks we discuss that are very important yet are never urgent - sometimes until it's too late.  If you find yourself with a little free time this summer, or maybe you just don't want to get out in the heat, consider completing some of the financial planning chores you've never gotten around to.  Maybe you need to put together or update your "Hurricane Book" (see me if you don't know what this means).  Or you need to make certain that all of your life insurance beneficiaries are up to date.  Maybe it's time to schedule your annual strategy meeting with your advisor.

Don't hesitate to call if we can help.

Have a great summer!