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Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property

July 13, 2022

There is a process called escheatment that is used when an investment firm has a balance in an inactive account and loses touch with the account owner over a long period of time and is, therefore, unable to distribute funds.  Laws vary from state to state but a common timeframe before starting the escheatment process is five years which means that property or assets will be handed over to the state if an owner can't be located for five years.  If you haven't searched for unclaimed property, you could have money you don't know about.  Some of these assets are uncashed checks or maybe a final paycheck that didn't get cashed due to an address change.  

In Texas, a very easy way to search for unclaimed property is to visit the website  I quickly browsed the site and saw several balances of $1500 - $1800.  You can search for anyone - even people who are deceased.  Of course, the claiming of assets of a deceased person is going to require quite a bit of paperwork.  

At Seasons Wealth, we advise clients to consolidate all accounts when possible and if it makes sense.  One of the advantages, among many others, is that it makes it more difficult to lose track of an account that ends up as unclaimed property.

Good luck and if you find millions, you know where to invest it!